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Sewage and Purification plants

The necessary examination and repairs underwater in sewage/purification sites are performed by our qualified divers, equipped with the most modern technology.
Because a minimization of health risks to our divers is extremely important to us, we work in close cooperation with Dr. Förster from

the industrial health service of the TGB in Munich on the continual development of health protection on projects in and around sewage/purification sites.
Of course, all our divers have the necessary combined


Here are some of the services we offer:

  • Underwater (UW) controls
  • Installation and dismantling (UW)
  • Salvage and site clearance (UW)
  • Underwater soldering and welding in the aeration basin, pre- and post-purification basin as well as the rot tower

On such specialized jobs we provide our divers with all the necessary technical devices such as special diving equipment with radio-phones and a constant air supply from the surface area as well as a water high-pressure cleaning device, disinfectants and, of course, industrial safety outfits for our personnel working on the surface area.