We’ll go down for you ...

Construction diving

Our area of work in construction is in water, steel water as well as in special civil engineering. Using our own technology we specialize in the production of underwater concrete bottoms and all necessary tasks that go along with that.
In connection with underwater concreting we can offer and fulfill the following services:

  • Support of underwater excavation using excavation suction and airlift techniques
  • Suction of construction site sludge
  • Use of excavation suction pumps with up to 1,000 cubic metres output capacity of pure water
  • Drawing up of plumbing plans, plumbing reports and foundations
  • Setting up of a subgrade on the construction foundation
  • Cleaning of all the surrounding areas leading to the underwater concrete base (bunging, slitting, drilling)
  • Cleaning of the GEWI anchor corresponding plumbing of the anchor heads
  • Setting up pump swamps during the concreting
  • Insertion of injection pumps into the bung-, slit- and drilling pile
  • Re-anchoring in the pit wall, e. g. setting up niches in the slit- and drilling pile (concrete demolition) using high-pressure water jet technology or boost security on the bung walls using underwater welding technology
  • Insertion of underwater concrete base, including permanent height control by laser and suction of remaining sludge (mud roller)
  • Cleaning and repairing slit- and drilling piles
  • Repairing slit piles – lock detonation using underwater welding technology
  • Injection work on the pit walls, DSV and underwater concrete bases (above and under water)

About our technical possibilities on construction sites:

We can take on excavation work, even at greater depths of water, thanks to our excavation suction pumps.
We work on lime and marly soils with our high-pressure water jet technology.
In the area of injection and compaction, above as well as under water, we can offer you complete sealing of bung, slit and drilling piles as well as the injection of stress and refuse tears in underwater concrete foundations, including ordering and obtaining the necessary materials and technology.

A summary of our services:

  • Manufacturing underwater concrete foundations including all other necessary tasks
  • Cleaning of drill, bung and slit piles using high-pressure water jet above and under water
  • Concrete cutting using high-pressure water jet above and under water, concrete cleaning
  • Underwater sawing projects using a sawing rope
  • Core drilling using hydraulics on a bio-oil basis up to DN 1200 mm
  • Welding and soldering above and under water
  • Air pressure jet tasks above and under water
  • Preservation and coating above and under water, corrosion protection
  • Sealing and injection tasks (even against pressing water)
  • Demolition, salvage, installation and dismantling
  • Suction and rinsing
  • Laying of cables
  • Dam construction