Here you will find a quick and short overview of the services we provide. If you are interested in our interesting and diverse work, you will find further information to our individual services on the following pages.


Construction diving

In the area of diving in construction sites we work in different fields of engineering: water, steel water, civil and special civil engineering.



In the area of dams you can rely on us to carry out maintenance work, test dives, assembly and disassembly work.





diver-in-diving suit-is- splashed-with water

Sewage and Purification plants

In the area of sewage/purification plants we perform all necessary tasks with corresponding diving equipment (DM 220).


Salvage projects

We can salvage boats, ships and occasionally the odd dredge. We can also take on dangerous jobs such as salvaging ammunition for you.





Power stations

With corresponding diving technology we can carry out all necessary work on power stations.


Analysis and Documentation

Our meticulous analysis and documentation covers underwater investigation, inspection and expert examination of shipwrecks and bung-walls up to and including video production as media preparation for your projects.

German accident prevention regulation for diving work "BGV C 23" including dive tables for download:

Berufgenossenschaftliche Vorschrift für Sicherheit und Gesundheit bei Taucharbeiten
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 1.0 MB