How it all began ...



Once upon a time ... this is how every fairytale begins. We don’t want to tell you any fairytales,

but the story of our origin is nonetheless interesting:

Many years ago, during the DDR-regime, dangerous cases and antique equipment in old and poorly maintained power stations made the use of divers a necessity in order to get maintenance work done.


Often it took too long to get hold of professional divers so that sport divers were often brought in, which led in 1986 to the formation of a new professional branch within the framework of energy economy.

Belonging to this group were six men, all members of the VEBPower Station Boxberg. Technical equipment was poor and the divers worked incredibly hard and took a lot of risks.


After reunification in the autumn of 1990, there were only two men left from the old power station group –Karsten Leunert and Gerd Wuttke.

Karsten Leunert took the plunge into self-employment. With continuous work, the purchase and further development of his own technology, his company in the meantime belongs to the ten most successful diving companies in Germany.

Since 2000 he has moved his company into a modern office building in Bad Saarow and currently employs 20 staff.

Additionally Leunert's diving company trains professional divers in a two and a half year’s course for their examination for the Industry and Trade Chamber in Kiel.