Technology which impresses …

Company-owned equipment

  • Use of heavy trucks – 30 tons – with roll containers and all-wheel-drive
  • Crane up to 40 tons
  • Complete underwater concreting equipment
  • High pressure equipment for cleaning, cutting concrete etc. (300-2400 bar)
  • Injection and pressing equipment for work under and above water
  • Water sand-jetting equipment for work under and above water
  • Hydraulics for work under and above water (drills, aggregates, etc.)
  • A-Mast (3,5 tons load capacity with electric chains, wagon with hydraulic crane, etc.
  • Diesel electricity generator up to 130 KVA


  • Divers working boats (also certified for use on waterways)
  • Floating pontoons, able to join up to a pontoon bridge of about 110 metres in length (approx. 300 tons load capacity)
  • Pressure chamber for use in greater depths of water
  • Mixed gas diving equipment for different depths of water
  • Burning and welding equipment
  • Suction equipment/airlift/dredge suction pumps of 90-1100 m3/h capacity for the suction of gravel, mud, sand, etc.
  • Digital video equipment for underwater documentation

The continuing maintenance of our equipment as well as continuous training and further education of our employees ensures problem-free completion of our clients’ demands. Leunert’s diving company can guarantee you that!